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Taste Testing Chicken Strips of Downtown Oshawa

By Roger Ragoonath

Sometimes the classic comfort food items are what we need in life. Without a doubt, my favourite comfort food choice is chicken strips. However, not all chicken strips are the same, and not all chicken strips will comfort you the same. We've created this guide for the best chicken strips in Downtown Oshawa to help you figure out where to grab your next bite. 

Crazy Jack's

Crazy Jack's had some fantastic chicken strips! You'll get five chicken strips sided with fries. The chicken strips are crisped to perfection, ensuring they're not too soft and not too crunchy. The best thing you'll notice about these chicken strips is that they are dusted in garlic powder. This seasoning adds an extra flair to the chicken strips, making your taste buds dance with every bite. Call me crazy, but I think everyone should try the chicken strips at Crazy Jacks!

Eggscellent Eatery

The chicken strips at Eggscellent Eatery reminded us of why chicken strips are the ideal comfort food. The breading of the chicken strip is heavy, with crunchier bits on the outside. However, this doesn't dominate the tenderness of the chicken inside. The level of chicken to bread is right in the middle of the spectrum with a one to one ratio, which will leave the strips with a great overall feel in your mouth. Needless to say, Eggscellent Eatery had some eggscellent chicken strips.

Toby's Diner

These small but mighty chicken strips off the kid's menu were scrumptious. From the first bite, you'll notice how you can really taste the juicy chicken. The inside of the chicken strip was a perfect white, revealing it's been cooked to perfection. With a lighter breading and more chicken, Toby's chicken strips aren't too heavy, saving room in your stomach to try more of their delicious food. For a delightful chicken strip meal, head over to Toby's Diner!

Regino's Pizza

Regino's Pizza doesn't only serve amazing pizza, they also have some wonderful chicken strips. Before even taking a bite, you'll notice how the chicken strips are cooked to a stunning golden brown. Regino's chicken strips aren't heavy on the breading but instead, let the flavour of the chicken hit your taste buds. If you're looking for a chicken strip that reminds you of home-baked Janes Pub Style Chicken Strips, Regino's is the place to try. Whether it's pizza or chicken strips, you need to head over to Regino's.

Now it's your time to explore the world of chicken strips in Downtown Oshawa!

Author’s Note: A special thank you to the owners of the Crazy Jacks, Eggscellent Eatery, Toby's Diner, and Regino's Pizza for supplying the Downtown Oshawa BIA with chicken strips to test.